Safety and efficacy:

We are proud to announce that Virry VR complies with the NHS UK's DCB 0129 Standard of Clinical Safety. Prepared by the NHS Digital Clinical Safety team, DCB 0129 is designed to help manufacturers of Health IT software evidence the clinical safety of their products.

Virry VR is classified as a Class 1 Medical Device with the MHRA, as a product intended for the prevention, treatment and/or alleviation of stress and anxiety, as well as neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric symptoms associated with conditions, such as dementia, Alzheimer's, and ADHD and is CE accredited.

Virry VR was developed with psychologist Dr Gail Melson, of Perdue University, and Prof. Jeremy Bailenson of Stanford University, to ensure we created a VR product that is safe and emotionally beneficial to use.

Virry Life is compatible with Pico G2 4K headsets. Pico headsets are designed to be easy to clean and are hygienic for shared use. The equipment can either be taken apart and easily wiped down between uses, or solutions such as Cleanbox Technology, which can kill 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in 60 seconds, can be used.


User feedback was collected during the development phase of Virry VR. We ran test groups of various ages at a Virry VR Experience space, set up at our studio in London, to trail the product test build and collect feedback. This feedback was used by the Virry team to amend our design and ensure we built a product that was easy and intuitive to use by all ages.

Employees – HeadHunter

Positive effect of everyday VIRRY VR breaks on office employees. Longitudinal study conducted by Fountain Digital Labs (London, UK) in the top online recruitment company Headhunter Group (hh.ru)
Research dates 27.08.2019 — 29.09.2019
Download the study

Senior Care – Malakhovka

Positive effect of everyday VIRRY VR breaks on care home residents diagnosed with dementia.Longitudinal study conducted by Fountain Digital Labs (London, UK) in a care home
Research dates: 27.11.2018 — 29.12.2018 & 19.02.2019 — 28.05.2019
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I was pleased with the Virry Life VR treatment and enjoyed it so much. I was delighted with the scenery, I was in such a joyful mood! I wanted to run into this natural beauty, swim in this lake under the waterfall, to feel young again. I just imagined having a rest, and it was so pleasant and good - a rush of energy and joy in my heart ... Sunshine, warmth, tenderness of the day and warm air and still cool water. Really great! Solitude, meditation, dawn... The sun rises and everything wakes up. And now this bright, sunny, beautiful summer's day. It's worth living for! Very cool! Thanks to the outpatient geriatric nurse, for the wonderful and necessary treatment.
The impression Virry Life VR gave me was wonderful! You really feel yourself immersed in the centre of wildlife, you see animals up close, you communicate with them as if in person. The voice of Nikolay Nikolayevich Drozdov adds a lot to the experience - special thanks to him!
On Friday, my nurse came and talked to me about the new treatment and then brought me a virtual reality headset. I really liked these helmet-glasses. Such a beauty! First of all, the waterfall is a miracle. You look at it and it calms you down a bit... I remember when we were at the waterfalls. Secondly, a very beautiful panorama: everything is beautiful and very pleasant, one gets distracted and the mood rises. I am very grateful to both the nurse and the doctor psychologist who had a very useful conversation and testing with me.
Today a nurse from the outpatient geriatrics department gave a session on the Virry Life VR treatment. It was a very pleasant procedure. During the session I enjoyed looking at nature in different parts of the world and at animals. I liked looking at the animals very much, because I like animals very much. I got great pleasure and a good mood from the experience. Thank you very much to the nurse for the session.
I really enjoyed looking at the Virry Life VR experiences. Very beautiful waterfall, mountains and landscapes. Really enjoyed it! Thank you!!!
I am delighted with the wonderful Virry Life VR treatment. Your clever nurse transported me to a world of beautiful amazing nature, which immediately lifted my spirits and colored my life with unforgettable shades. Thank you to the medical professionals who work on geriatric issues, support us, people of elegant age, and strengthen our healthy spirit, which, as we know, is a consequence of a healthy body! Many thanks and a big bow to all who work on this problem.

research partners

Emotional Regulation Studies

UCL Institute of Education (2021 and 2022)

A study led by Vivian Hill, from the Department of Psychology and Human Development at the UCL Institute of Education, will look into Virry VR’s effectiveness as a non-medicinal treatment on children with ADHD. A pilot study is currently being carried out on a group of children in Year 1 who have been identified with complex behavioural and emotional needs.

Two studies were conducted to research the effectiveness of interactive virtual reality sessions in nature - using Virry VR - for emotional regulation on children with significant socioemotional needs (i.e autism spectrum disorder and/ or ADHD). The studies revealed two common areas of change after the implementation of a VR intervention: improved emotional self-awareness and targeted emotion management. Further implications of the research included the observation that participants had access to a therapeutic-debrief session that is time-efficient and cost-effective in comparison to 1:1 therapy. The studies were supervised by Professor Vivian Hill, from the Department of Psychology and Human Development at the UCL Institute of Education. 

Invitation to researchers

Please contact us if you would like to discuss research opportunities with our team.

We have already investigated the application of our product, Virry Life, in several areas, but would like to invite researchers to collaborate on investigating the use of Virry VR further in the following areas:

— Epigenetics
— looking at how meditation changes gene expression.
— Treatment of ADHD symptoms in children and teenagers.
— Pain reduction for patients/ people living with chronic pain.
— Improving the quality of life of dementia patients.
— Improving dementia patient’s memory.
— Improving mental health and emotional balance at high risk companies.
— Decreasing the subjective age of older adults.
— Depression.
— Anxiety.
— How psychological health can be improved by exposure to nature and wildlife.
— Improving empathy and ecocentrism.