Transforming mental
health with



Virry VR is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device

Transforming mental
health with

Virry VR is registered as
a Class 1 Medical Device

Our mission

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Virry VR: innovative VR nature therapy and mindfulness for mental health is a series of real-imagery interactive and non-interactive experiences that transport you to the cradle of humankind — the African savannah.

We know that exposure to nature is one of the most effective non-medicinal methods to improve mental wellbeing. This can be difficult for vulnerable people, or those living in urban areas. With VR we can immerse ourselves in nature from the safety and comfort of our home, hospital, school or office.

Our carefully designed VR experiences are proven to rapidly improve psychological health. We have tested our technology to measure its effectiveness on the psycho-emotional state of a range of participants and work closely with a number of leading psychologists to ensure we are providing the best possible VR solutions.

Virry VR is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device

Unlike other medical VR solutions, we believe in creating products that are not just scientifically effective, but also beautiful and enjoyable to use — delivering a better end-user experience.

Our mission is to deliver evidence-based psychological treatments using immersive nature-based VR technology.

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Working with world-class, international collaborators we are studying the effectiveness of our innovative technology and advancing the development of virtual reality therapeutics.

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